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Amethyst Stone Insurance Inc.

Life Health & Accident


You Are Unique

Whether your needs are centered around Life, Accident or Health coverage or any other life insurance product, i.e. an IUL, it's designed to reduce financial hardship associated with the ever-changing trajectory of life.

Our main focus is to provide customers with personalized service. View our selected carrier products and services to determine what's best for you, or schedule an appointment for assistance to determine your interest.

What Can We Do For You?

Our Story

Insurance in general can be complex for most.  We are here to help eliminate the difficulty, twist and turns surrounding the decisions to find the right solution and plan.  There are variations in life insurance policies, just as alternative opportunities exist in determining the best health care plans.  


Whether you’re looking for a Term, Whole Life, or Universal life insurance policy for extra protection, or the fundamental purpose of a healthcare plan to enhance the quality of life for you and your family, we are here to help!


The needs of our clients are important to us.  Every client deserves a customer-first experience.  We provide a personalized comprehensive inclination to determine the specifics while taking the time to build trust and get to know the unique needs of our clients.  We build rapport with our customers to let them know...we are here to facilitate your journey and work with you to align your health and insurance goals!


When conducting a needs analysis, the necessary steps are taken to evaluate and assess what matters most to our clients, identify gaps between stages happening immediate or futuristic. 


Together, let's find a plan that works for you!


Dates to Remember



Turning 65

Medicare Open Enrollment


IFP Health Insurance ACA Marketplace Exchange Enrollment Dates 

OEP Nov 1 - Jan 15



Medicare Enrollment

AEP Oct 15 - Dec 7
MA OEP Jan 1 - Mar 31 Annually

Turning 65

Initial Enrollment Period
7-Month Period

Let's Take Your Life and Health to the Next Level

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