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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance plans are versatile and can be used for what ever purpose you choose depending on the short or long term needs of the insured.  These policies guarantees a payment by the Insurer to the insureds' beneficiary when the insured becomes deceased.  This is a contract and an exchange of premiums made by the policyholder for guaranteed payment.  However, before purchasing life insurance, determine how much your family may need to maintain their current standard of living.  A Needs Analysis will help to determine your needs, etc.  Below are a few choice considerations...

  • Decreasing Term

  • Convertible Term

  • Renewable




  • Whole Life Insurance (Permanent)

  • Universal Life (carriers a cash value)

  • Indexed Universal Life (earns a fixed or equity-indexed rate of return)

  • Variable Universal Life

Term Insurance (Affordable life insurance coverage)
Permanent Life Insurance (More expensive than term)
Factors Affecting Premium
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