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Here is a breakdown of the 4 Parts
to Medicare Coverage Choices...


Medicare Part A or Original Medicare covers inpatient hospital care, home health, nursing, and hospice care.

Medicare Part B While yet apart of Original Medicare, Part B covers most doctor’s visits, lab work, diagnostic and preventative care, and mental health.  Dental and vision benefits are considered ancillary benefits and are not included in Original Medicare.  We can also consider adding additional benefit plan or choosing a Medicare Advantage plan which covers dental, hearing, vision and even gym memberships.  Please note, not all Medicare Advantage plans are the same.


Medicare Part B premium is decreased to $164.90 this year. Those paying for Part B premium may be eligible for the Part B Give Back Program for 2023.  This program can pay some or all of your Part B monthly premium.  Notice, the Part B Give Back is also not available in all states and counties.


Medicare Part C Better known as Medicare Advantage offers more coverage for routine healthcare in addition to all traditional Medicare services.  Coverage for ancillary healthcare benefits, i.e. routine dental care, vision care and hearing or wellness coverage. 


These benefits or Medicare Advantage do not constitute an automatic enrollment; however, mandatory enrollment in Medicare Part A & Part B is necessary for MA enrollment and if the plan is available in your area.


Medicare Part D is a private prescription drug coverage plan that is voluntary.  This is a stand-alone drug plan that helps cover the cost of prescription drugs provided through private companies and can be an option for additional drug coverage with either Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan. 


It is advised to enroll in Medicare Part D when first eligible (if lacking creditable coverage) for Medicare to avoid gaps in coverage and enrollment penalties.

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